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30+ years experience of the Best Auto Service in Denver

Since his teens, owner Doug Paddock has been working on cars. As his knowledge and technical expertise grew, so did his passion for high-performance vehicles. As a result, he’s been servicing BMW’s and Audis for nearly 30 years. Doug recruited a team of automotive service professionals that combine certified automotive expertise with a drive to keep customers’ vehicles running at optimum levels.

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Our Heritage


Doug has been working on cars since his teens. In the mid-80’s, his Dad introduced him to a car guy, Michael Tillery. Doug worked for Michael at Tillery Imports, one of the first independent BMW, Volvo, Mercedes-Benz repair shops in Denver. Before getting his driver’s license, he was learning the ropes. Doug worked summers, 55 hours per week, and discovered he had a natural knack for working on cars, continuing through high school and into college. While attending Metro State (from where he later graduated), he enrolled at Emily Griffith Tech, and studied with an apprentice journeyman program in automotive mentorship. The mentorship program supplemented his on the job knowledge. At 21, Michael allowed him to run the shop. He later worked for Porsche, and learned a lot about customer service, what’s needed, what’s not, and how to explain service to customers. He bought Michael’s shop in 1999, and ran it until 2004. From 2004 to 2006, he entered a partnership, and quickly realized that he makes a horrible employee, and walked away from that venture. In 2006, with his new bride, Michelle, he rented 3 bays at the West 6th Ave location, and continued growing it into the business you see today.

Meet Our Technicians

Our technicians’ mission is to take care of your vehicle. They use experience hardened expertise and high end computer fault-finding to diagnose the problem. Once approved by you, they make the corrective fixes necessary to get you back on the road.