Mercedes Benz


Is Your Mercedes-Benz Ready for Spring?

May 1, 2019, Ryan

For almost a century, Mercedes-Benz has served as an industry standard of class, sophistication, and fine taste. More often than not, a Benz comes with the price tag to match, […]

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The Most Popular Summer Cars to Drive in Denver

August 28, 2018, Ryan

Summer is a perfect time to hop in your car and go for a long drive. The excellent weather helps the roads stay clear, so the driving conditions are ideal for […]

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3 Springtime Tips for Car Maintenance for BMWs and Mercedes

June 25, 2018, Ryan

The weather is starting to heat up in Denver, and this should affect how you care for your imported vehicle. Your import car service plan should change with the temperature […]

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Mercedes Servicing in Denver_Paddock Imports

Stay on Top of Your Mercedes Servicing in Denver

April 6, 2018, Ryan

Well-maintained cars last longer. That’s why it’s so important to keep your Mercedes on a regular service schedule. Every vehicle the brand makes is an intricate driving machine, so make […]

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