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Audi Automotive Import Technicians & Service in Denver, CO

An exceptional luxury car like an Audi requires attention to detail, exactingly manufactured parts, and steady hands to take things apart and put them back together again. When your Audi is in need of service – or worse, requires significant repair – finding a garage that can do the work quickly and professionally is of paramount importance. Paddock Imports can provide that level of speed and professionalism, as well as the peace of mind that a truly great garage provides.

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The Team in Denver

The basis for any sort of Audi service is going to be the technician who’s doing the work. With eight very highly trained techs, each one of them ASE-certified and using the best diagnostic and repair tools available, we feel very confident that there’s no problem that can’t be eventually diagnosed and brought to a successful resolution. We don’t just have Audi mechanics.  We have Paddock mechanics.

Service in a Good Cause

General service maintenance is one of those seemingly basic things that gets overlooked by many car owners, but it’s those little steps that help keep cars running well past what many might consider being their expected lifetimes. Audi maintenance service might not make your car run forever, but it’ll certainly keep it going longer than you’d expect. From oil changes to tire rotation, following the service schedule is the best way to keep an Audi in top shape.

Turning the Wrench

When it comes to performing extensive amounts of Audi repair work, Paddock Imports in Denver can bring the resources to bear to ensure your car is back on the road. If it’s something that can be repaired, our technicians will apply their considerable talents and as much elbow grease as they can muster to conquer everything from blown engines to burned-out wiring. Repairs may be a big job, but we’re always up for the challenge.

Paddock Imports in Denver

Paddock Imports has been operating in Denver for years, and we are always happy to help our customers with their Audi or other imported luxury vehicles that they may happen to own. For your next scheduled service task, or should the need arise for major repairs, contact us online or call (303) 825-5700 today!


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Engine Repair

Minor to major engine repair, rebuild or replacement, ensuring the heart of your vehicle runs great

Diagnostic Service

Diagnosing car troubles, from faults to the root cause, with the finest tools by the finest technicians

Wheel & Tire

Balancing, aligning and repairing your tires, we provide tire storage for winter and summer seasons

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Air Conditioner

Repairing vacuum leaks, failed condensers, or refilling Freon, we service your AC to keep you cool

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From mufflers to catalytic converters to exhaust pipes, our technicians will keep your vehicle quiet

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Auto Electrical

Servicing dead batteries, faulty alternators, troublesome ignition systems, and lights – we service it all