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Whether you have a future classic BMW on your hands that you can’t bear the thought of parting with or you are just not quite ready to invest in a new one, you still want and need the modern conveniences that a new car offers. The good news is that you don’t have to trade in your older model to get the modern automotive performance parts and functionality you want. When you want an aftermarket fix that has the look and feel of OEM, look no further than BimmerTech.

Smartphone Integrations

Smartphones offer a multitude of conveniences that can help a driver. However, when you have an older vehicle, you have to rely on your phone screen, which may not be the safest option. BimmerTech offers retrofit parts to enable Apple TV, project your Android or iOS device screen on the car display, and enable Waze or Spotify from the display for Android users.

Navigation Systems

From software updates to speed limit information for any highway when you don’t see a sign, Paddock Imports can update your nav system with all the most current functionality thanks to BimmerTech.


View your smartphone screen, play music, or see the maps from your navigation app with VividScreen iDrive Display for BMW. We also offer the BMW OEM Digital Instrument Cluster or the Hybrid Cluster.

SiriusXM Options

If you’ve ever suffered the frustration of scanning for stations you like on a road trip, you’ll appreciate SiriusXM. Let the music match your mood with an almost endless selection of genres and styles. In less than 30 minutes, you can access over 150 stations that can be enjoyed from anywhere.

Parking Assistance and Cameras

Never worry again about what lies in front of or behind your BMW with camera retrofits. Get a 360-degree view with Surround View Retrofit or replace your front or rear cameras. Want to find available parking? Get the BMW Parking Assistant Retrofit.

Car Audio and Sound

Give your car the ultimate sound machine with the first aftermarket audio system made specifically for BMW. From the Premium Audio Amplifier to the Alpha One BMW Speaker Upgrade, we can give your BMW everything you need to experience your music the way it should be enjoyed in the comfort of your car.

Doors & Trunk Upgrades

Have you ever wished you could close your car doors as easily as you do your kitchen cabinets? Now that’s possible with Soft Close Retrofit. Upgrade your car alarm, open your doors without your keys, or open and close your trunk with the push of a button with convenient upgrades.

BMW Key Fob Replacements

If you’ve lost one of your key fobs or if yours has sustained some damage, don’t worry, we can get you a new one from the factory. Can’t remember if you need to stop for gas or want to make sure your air conditioning is set correctly without going back out to the car? Ask us about the BMW Remote Control Display Key Fob.

Vehicle Programming Coding

With an iDrive update, you never have to stop to check your tire pressure again when you can simply check it in your iDrive display. From enhanced Bluetooth/USB Activation to providing your passengers with quality programming in your vehicle, we can help with unlocking all the possibilities available to your BMW model.

Get the Best BimmerTech Products in Denver with Paddock Imports!

Paddock Imports is here in Denver when you want to get the very best your BMW can offer. With all the latest BimmerTech products and our staff of experienced auto technicians, your vehicle can have all the conveniences of a new one without the big price tag. For more information on our BMW services or to make an appointment, contact us online or call us at 303-825-5700 today.



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