Mercedes-Benz AC Repair in Denver

Do you need your Mercedes repaired in the Denver, CO area? Look no further than Paddock Imports!

Mercedes Repair in Denver

Our Mercedes mechanics are the best in the area and you won’t be disappointed with our service!

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Engine Repair

Minor to major engine repair, rebuild or replacement, ensuring the heart of your vehicle runs great

Diagnostic Service

Diagnosing car troubles, from faults to the root cause, with the finest tools by the finest technicians

Wheel & Tire

Balancing, aligning and repairing your tires, we provide tire storage for winter and summer seasons

Paddock Imports Denver
Air Conditioner

Repairing vacuum leaks, failed condensers, or refilling Freon, we service your AC to keep you cool

BMW performance parts installation Denver

From mufflers to catalytic converters to exhaust pipes, our technicians will keep your vehicle quiet

BMW performance parts installation Denver
Auto Electrical

Servicing dead batteries, faulty alternators, troublesome ignition systems, and lights – we service it all