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Volkswagen Mechanic & Repair Services in Denver, CO

Volkswagen is famous for producing excellent vehicles that meet high-quality assurance standards for both style and performance. Keep your vehicle in peak condition by scheduling regular maintenance and seeking out Denver Volkswagen repair or service as soon as you start to notice a problem. Paddock Imports has everything your VW needs to stay healthy for many years to come.


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Certified Mechanics

The work you get on your vehicle is only as good as the technician who does it. Paddock Imports is proud to employ only the most knowledgeable, hardworking, and trustworthy techs in the business. Our staff is ASE certified and knows how to pursue Volkswagen-specific solutions to ensure a high success rate every time they touch your vehicle. Combine that knowledge and experience with cutting-edge tools and technology, and you’re guaranteed superior service that will prolong the life of your car.

Regular Service in Denver

Some cars seem like they’re past their prime as soon as you drive them off the dealership lot, while others age gracefully and perform well for a surprisingly long time. This difference in experience exists for a few key reasons. First, some vehicles are just made with superior quality. You’re already off to a good start in that category if you own a Volkswagen. The superior engineering that goes into each VW creates longevity that makes these imported cars worth their weight in gold.

The biggest way to help any vehicle (including Volkswagens) last longer than expected is to get regular service for it. Regular oil changes help keep your engine lubricated and make it last longer. Get your tires rotated and make sure the alignment is still flawless. These simple services, combined with other inspections, can add years to the life of your vehicle.

Repairs in Denver

Another great way to prolong your vehicle’s best years is to ensure you never let problems fester unchecked. As soon as you hear strange and unfamiliar noises, smell a mysterious scent from your car, or notice any other warning signs in your car’s performance, take it to your trusted technicians at Paddock Imports. This is especially crucial if any of the diagnostic warning lights in your dashboard come on. We will quickly diagnose the issue and solve it efficiently to get you back on the road. From air conditioning and brakes to engines, your vehicle is in good hands with our expert technicians.

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The best import car repair service in Denver, CO is whichever one gives you the best results and the most reasonable deals. Our friendly staff at Paddock Imports is as trustworthy as it is knowledgeable. That means you always get fair prices and excellent customer service to go with your effective car service. Contact us online or call (303) 825-5700 today to set up an appointment!

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Engine Repair

Minor to major engine repair, rebuild or replacement, ensuring the heart of your vehicle runs great

Diagnostic Service

Diagnosing car troubles, from faults to the root cause, with the finest tools by the finest technicians

Wheel & Tire

Balancing, aligning and repairing your tires, we provide tire storage for winter and summer seasons

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Air Conditioner

Repairing vacuum leaks, failed condensers, or refilling Freon, we service your AC to keep you cool

BMW performance parts installation Denver

From mufflers to catalytic converters to exhaust pipes, our technicians will keep your vehicle quiet

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Auto Electrical

Servicing dead batteries, faulty alternators, troublesome ignition systems, and lights – we service it all