7 Common Repair Problems Mini Cooper Owners Face

July 24, 2018

7 Common Repair Problems Mini Cooper Owners Face – Paddock Imports Denver, CO

7 Common Repair Problems Mini Cooper Owners Face

Sleek, sporty, and unique, the Mini Cooper is easily one of the most recognized cars in the world. While they are quite fun and a pleasure to drive, new owners will want to be on the lookout for a few common problems Mini Cooper owners are likely to face.

Front Radiator Support and Coolant Hose

Hitting a curb is never a good thing. As the Mini sits a bit lower to the ground, a curb presents a formidable opponent. The radiator supports located in the front are constructed of plastic, and while they do work well to reduce weight, they add a bit of vulnerability concerning impact. Any significant bump to the front of the vehicle can damage these supports. Larger bumps may also damage the coolant hose, which can be quite costly and problematic.

Movement in the Timing Chain Can Create Noise and Vibration

As the timing chain and assembly wear, they can develop a bit of slack in the mechanism. It’s important to address the issue immediately, as it can quickly lead to further damage and increased expense if ignored. Preventative maintenance on your Mini Cooper is important, and this is an issue that can likely be avoided by staying ahead of the game.

Electric Power Steering Pump

The subject of a recall, the power steering pump used in the Mini Cooper is prone to failure. Usually attributed to low fluid or a faulty coolant fan, an import car service should regularly inspect the pump for weak performance and possible leaks. If your pump must be replaced, it’s usually a good idea to replace related parts such as the coolant fan and belts as well.

Variable Valve Timing (VVT) Issues

The timing system in the Mini requires an ample amount of oil to perform as intended. If the timing assembly does not have enough oil, increased friction can lead to damage. To prevent this damage from occurring, it’s important to check and change your oil as part of your routine maintenance.

Water Pump and Thermostat Housing Leaks

Prone to leaking, the water pump and thermostat housing must be replaced every 50,000 miles. It’s best to have the problem parts replaced by a qualified import car repair shop before damage begins to occur.

Clutch Failure

Often attributed to extreme wear and tear or hard use, a clutch failure is on the more serious side of auto problems and can lead to some hefty repair bills. Being mindful of your limitations and driving sensibly will go a long way toward preventing clutch failure in your Mini Cooper.

Transmission Problems and Failure

The Mini Cooper has long struggled with transmission issues. The manufacturer suggests you do not change the transmission fluid. This has led to problems for many Mini owners, and qualified mechanics strongly advise changing the transmission fluid at regular intervals.

The Mini Cooper was designed to be a joy to drive and a pleasure to handle. While there are a few issues to be on the lookout for, it’s best to leave the dirty work to experienced professionals. Paddock Imports has long been a trusted name to Mini Cooper owners in the Denver, CO area. If you need Mini Cooper repair services then visit us in Denver, CO or call (303) 825-5700 or contact us online to make an appointment. We’re here to help!


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