How To Get Imported Cars Repaired Fast

September 25, 2018


Imported vehicles can be expensive, but the price is worth it as long as your vehicle is working well. Protect your foreign car by bringing it to certified specialists like the mechanics at Paddock Imports. We specialize in imported cars, which gives us critical advantages of over-generalized auto mechanics.

1 – Protect Your Warranty

Your imported car’s warranty may void when you go to an auto shop that isn’t certified by the manufacturer. Always check your warranty, and make sure your Denver car mechanic is certified to work on your specific brand.

2 – Faster Repairs

At Paddock Imports, we focus strictly on imported cars. That allows us to stay up to date on the best practices for servicing foreign vehicles. Our expertise leads to faster turnaround times at a lower cost for our customers.

3 – Relevant Experience

We have a long and successful track record of fixing these cars and keeping them in top shape. We are experts in all of the following and more:

  • BMW servicing
  • Audi servicing
  • Volkswagen servicing
  • Mini Cooper servicing

4 – Passionate Employees

At Paddock Imports, we can assure you that your car is in the hands of someone who worked hard to become a certified import mechanic. Our technicians are excited about these vehicles, and they’ll always go the extra mile to make sure they’re doing the job correctly.

5 – The Right Equipment for the Job

We also have specialized equipment on hand for any and all customer imported cars needs. Possessing the right equipment helps us deliver fast, high-quality work. This way, our customers will spend less time waiting for specialized parts to arrive. They can walk into our shop knowing we are prepared to fix their imported vehicle.

6 – Knowledgeable Technicians

Our top of the line training program is what helps us keep our certification with these import brands. The technician training includes specific education from the manufacturer. The manufacturers understand that our mechanics know as much as anyone else about how to fix these imported cars.

Foreign Car Repair Shops Near Me

Paddock Imports is your number one choice for foreign car service in Denver. Our certified import mechanics have extensive experience in foreign car repair. If you sense there is an issue with your imported cat, bring it in right away so we can prevent any problem from getting worse. Contact us today with your questions about servicing your foreign vehicle.