Get Your Import Summertime Ready

July 7, 2017

Import Tune-Up

With summer now officially underway, if only for the last week or so, it’s not too late to get your car checked out and prepared for the conditions. We at Paddock Imports would like to help out with the most prominent areas of concern for “summerizing” your import car, be it a BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Mini Cooper or any other.

We are a Dinan Performance Products dealer and would be happy to show you what these excellent parts can do for your import vehicle.

Summer Tires

Summer tires are distinctly different from winter tires. They need to be able to handle higher road and air temperatures and need to rely more on a different sort of vehicle tread and composition to help grip the road rather than the deeper treads and studs on winter tires.

While you can go with an “all season” tire, having a dedicated summer tire will certainly be more helpful.

Air Conditioning

Checking the coolant in the car’s air conditioning system, and topping it off if it’s a little low, is one good way to make sure that summer driving can be done comfortably all the way through to the fall.  Having the A/C not being cool enough, or not putting out enough air, makes for a sticky ride.


One thing that more than a few motorists overlook when the temperatures get higher is the state of their battery. Battery life isn’t temperature sensitive only to cold.

Excessive heat can cause just as many problems, particularly when you combine it with the added draw of the A/C to its work load. While your battery might be rated for a certain lifespan, it doesn’t hurt to get it tested to make sure it’s still putting out plenty of power.

Coolant and Radiator

Periodically, the coolant levels in the radiator should be checked, and every so often a coolant flush and replace should be performed. Keep in mind that your coolant levels will drop over the course of time. It’s not like it stays in the radiator and the block forever. Whether by evaporation or leakage, you will need to make sure you’ve got enough coolant in the system to keep your engine from overheating.

Paddock Imports

Remember that the summer is a great time to drive, but you won’t be going anywhere if the car isn’t running properly. Schedule a tune-up with Paddock Imports today before you hit the open road tomorrow.