Car Gift Ideas

January 9, 2024



So, you are a true road warrior in the literal sense of the word. You spend more time in your car than in an office. In fact, your car, more often than not, is your office. Who doesn’t want the place they spend most of their time to feel more comfortable? If this sounds like you (or someone you know), read on for some things you might want to put on your gift wishlist.

Clean Car Gift Ideas

Gap filler – Who hasn’t dropped their phone into the crevasse that exists between the seat and the console? Even worse, who hasn’t found that their coffee had dripped where your hand can’t even fit to clean it? This discreet gap filler not only keeps your car cleaner, but you won’t have to worry about how to find the lost items that slip into the abyss.

Orbit waxer/polisher – Nothing puts a shine on like an orbit polisher. If you have to be out and about in all weather, you’ll want to make sure your paint job is protected with a good wax periodically. This convenient tool lets you spend quality time with your favorite auto while it protects your paint job, too.

Comfort on the Road Gift Ideas

Memory foam seat cushion – No matter how comfortable your car seats are, eventually your back and your rear end will feel like you are sitting on a wooden bench. Why not make your ride more cushy with a memory foam cushion? It supports your back and prevents the usual ache that comes with too many hours on the road.

Heated seat cushion – Whether it’s cold weather or you just have an achy back, nothing feels better than heat to make those clenched muscles relax. Super soft material, variable heat settings and lumbar support will make you want to find excuses to get back in the car just for the relaxation.Car-gift-Paddock-Imports

Convenience in the Car Gift Ideas

Sticky mat – When you are in your vehicle for hours a day, you start to notice the inconveniences, like slippery surfaces that send your keys, your glasses or your phone flying. With this convenient mat, your items will stay put until you need them without sticky residue on your car. It clingsto almost any surface and if it gets dirty or loses some of its gripping power, it can be washed and reused.

Cup holder phone grip – It is so easy and convenient to use the navigation apps on phones. However, it isn’t always easy to put your phone where you can refer to the instructions without digging around for it. This convenient phone holder fits into your car’s cup holders to keep your phone at just the right spot.

Safety on the Road Gift Ideas

Jump starter kit – BMW mechanics in Denver suggest keeping a jump starter kit just in case a quick drop in temperature causes your battery to die. You won’t have to wait on a Good Samaritan or roadside support to show up before you can be off and running again.

Emergency escape tool – While you hopefully will never need it, you wouldn’t want to be the person on the news that was trapped in their car by their seatbelt. This clever multi-purpose tool not only cuts locked seatbelts easily, but it can also break car windows in the case that you become submerged and your windows won’t go down.


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