Mini Cooper Maintenance During & After COVID-19

April 15, 2021


Pre & Post COVID Mini Cooper Maintenance

What You’ll Learn:

As you read about Mini Cooper maintenance during & after COVID-19, you’ll learn:

  • COVID-19 has taken its toll on everything, including your car. A proper maintenance check will do wonders for your Mini Cooper.
  • There are many Mini Cooper maintenance checks that you’ll need professional help with, though some checks can be completed at home.
  • If a maintenance item or repair has anything to do with safety and function, you should have it done by a professional.

With all the restrictions and lockdowns resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, your Mini Cooper may have sat idle. Whether you’re reading this while still in the middle of it, or you’re trying to figure out what to do with your car after the restrictions have ended, there are some important things you’ll need to understand. Mini Cooper maintenance isn’t done with a quick look under the hood. It requires a professional and thorough inspection to ensure you are ready to take to the road again.

Most Important Maintenance Checks

There are some important maintenance checks you should do on any car, and there are others specifically associated with Mini Coopers. Some of the maintenance checks that all vehicles need are:

  • Tires – On your own, you can check the tire pressure, the tread, and the evenness of wear. You should turn to Paddock Imports for tire rotation and replacement.
  • Fluids – In a typical situation, you should have your car’s fluids checked and refilled about once every 5,000 miles. If your Mini has sat dormant for the last few months or a year, however, you should check, refill, or replace any fluids that might need it.
  • Lights – Chances are all of your lights will be working if you haven’t been using the car, but you should turn them on and off to make sure.
  • Battery – Your Mini Cooper won’t run without a solid battery. It is important to periodically start/drive your vehicle as battery discharge occurs when it sits for a length of time.

Some items are fairly unique to maintaining a Mini. While you might find these issues in other cars as well, they are commonly found in Mini Coopers. As you perform a maintenance check during or after COVID-19, be sure you or your mechanic have ticked all the following boxes:

  • Clutch – If your Mini Cooper has a manual transmission, we should check the clutch before you go on any long road trips. Premature wear of the clutch is often found in Mini Coopers. If it was failing before the pandemic, time didn’t repair it, and you might need it replaced.
  • Electric Locks – The Mini Cooper is notorious for malfunctioning electric locks. If you’re not experiencing problems currently, that’s a good thing. But, it’s something to watch out for as you start driving more regularly.
  • Front Radiator – Your front radiator is likely made of plastic. While this seems to work out fine for most cars, it also makes the radiator susceptible to damage, even from a small bump to the curb. Damage will come in the form of a crack or a dent.
  • Power Steering Pump – Your cooling fan will most likely be the culprit in the power steering pump failing, so that is the first thing we’ll look at. If you need one or both replaced, we’ll discuss your options.  
  • Timing Chains – A rattling timing chain isn’t a huge problem on its own, but it will cause more serious problems down the road. If you turn your Mini on for the first time and hear rattling while it idles, there’s likely a problem with your timing chains.
  • Transmission – Perhaps you’ve heard that you don’t need to change the transmission fluid in a Mini Cooper. Unfortunately, that information is incorrect.. We recommend you bring your car in every 50,000 – 60,000 miles for a transmission fluid change. If it’s been a while since you’ve driven the Mini, we’ll check the fluid to make sure it’s clean.
  • Variable Valves – If your oil doesn’t get changed frequently enough, the valves could end up with a mucky buildup that damages operation. Chances are, if the car has been sitting for a while, the valves will need to be cleaned out or replaced.

What Can Be DIY & What Needs an Expert?

As you think about COVID-19 Mini Cooper maintenance, you may wonder what you can do on your own and what you should contact Paddock Imports for. One thing to keep in mind is that if your car hasn’t been driven for quite a while, you need to drive it for at least 20 minutes the first time you turn it on. Quickly turning it back off could seriously damage the car. Many of the maintenance items on your list should be conducted by a qualified mechanic, though there are some things you can do yourself. 

Think of everything cosmetic or that doesn’t affect the safety and function of the vehicle—for example, the electric locks. You obviously want your locks to work so you can avoid theft or vandalism, but they don’t affect the way your car performs on the road. You can lock and unlock your doors on your own to see if they work correctly. Depending on the repair, you may be able to do it yourself. It’s also pretty simple to change your dome lights, taillights, and headlights, so that is something you could do on your own as well.

Another example would be checking the front radiator or other parts for wear and tear, cracks, dents, etc. Just look over your car to see if there are any issues you never noticed before. While the repairs will most likely need to be completed by our qualified mechanics, you can do the visual diagnostic on your own.

Anything else should be looked over by a mechanic at Paddock Imports. Your vehicle’s clutch, transmission, valves; all play important roles, not only in how your car functions but in the safety of it. Some reasons to contact the professionals include:

  • Safety – You likely don’t have the tools and safety equipment required to perform many tasks associated with Mini Cooper maintenance, but at Paddock Imports, we do. We also have mechanics with experience to get the job done right, so when it’s complete, it will be safe to get back on the road again.
  • Savings – Trying to complete a maintenance task that the professionals should handle could result in more costly repairs. We’ll ensure the job gets done right the first time, so you don’t have to pay for a second or third service.
  • Services – When a qualified mechanic looks over your car the first time you start it up during or after COVID-19, he or she will be thorough in the inspection. We don’t just offer one repair service. We have a comprehensive list of services that will ensure your car is in top shape.

Contact Us To Get Started

At Paddock Imports, we know you’re dealing with a lot right now. Whether you’re starting to have car issues or your Mini hasn’t been used for many months, we’re committed to helping you with maintaining your vehicle. Contact us today at 303-825-5700 to schedule service or learn more about maintenance and what is required for a Mini Cooper.

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