Why Now is the Perfect Time for Your Pre-Summer Maintenance

May 10, 2018

Car Maintenance and Repair Checklist_Paddock Imports

Summer brings a few changes to the way you use your car. You can get rid of your snow tires, roll down the windows, and enjoy a long beautiful drive just for fun. To get the most enjoyment out of your summer cruises, consider getting your import car service now to make sure everything is in top condition. Some parts of your car don’t work as hard when it’s cold outside, and a thorough checkup can help get everything back to peak condition.

Certain services are especially useful at this time of year, so make sure you consider those first. Here are some important areas to focus on for your summer car maintenance checklist.

Air Conditioner Inspection

Your air conditioner doesn’t get a lot of use during the winter months, and this can cause the Freon to settle. Get a professional inspection if your AC unit seems less effective than you remember it. You’ll be glad to have it working perfectly next time you take a long drive in the summer heat.

Change Oil and Coolant

Hot weather can be hard on your engine, so make sure it has what it needs to stay healthy. Get your coolant replaced, and your engine will be able to regulate its temperature more effectively on hot days. Increasing the frequency of oil changes helps a lot with summer driving too.

Check and Rotate Tires

Changes in temperature can have surprisingly large effects on your tire pressure, so make sure you check on them after the weather changes. Over- or under-inflated tires can wear down more quickly or even blow out at high speeds. Worn tires create dangerous driving situations, and it only takes a moment to use a pressure gauge.

It’s also important to get your tires rotated to help them last longer. Tires wear out differently depending on where they are on the vehicle. Get them professionally rotated, especially if you do a lot of driving during the summer.

Import Car Service in Denver

If you were putting off addressing any problems because the weather was too cold, now is the time to schedule your import car repair. If you had any diagnostic lights come on in your dashboard this winter, get them taken care of now to make sure you’re ready for your summer road trip.

Our experienced staff will have you and your vehicle back on the road in no time. At Paddock Imports, you can count on fair prices, friendly customer service, and effective work that adds years to the life of your car. Contact us today to learn more or schedule your appointment.

Featured image: alphaspirit/Shutterstock