6 Summer Car Care Tips for Your Mercedes

July 23, 2019


During summer, you want to be sure that your automobile is ready to hit the road at all times for any opportunities that come your way. Day trips, road trips, and quick trips for ice cream are all more fun when you get there in a classic, opulent vehicle like a Mercedes-Benz. It is important to have your car in its best shape, and a great Mercedes mechanic or any import car mechanic in Denver is able to assist you with any servicing your car may require. Here are some suggestions for what maintenance your car needs in the summer.

1. Inspect the Oil

For a car to be properly maintained, it always needs a sufficient amount of high-quality oil to lubricate the engine and keep it purring. You want to be sure that your oil level is not only full but also that the oil itself is clean. Regular oil changes help to prolong the life of your vehicle and help you protect your investment in this coveted car.

2. Examine Your Tires

Tire maintenance is more than just making sure the air pressure in each tire is according to the owner’s manual. Properly inflated and balanced tires keep your ride smooth and help the tires last longer. Mercedes repair shops in Denver will tell you that to prevent flat tires and blowouts, tires must be visually inspected to be sure that the treads are not worn. And if you have a spare tire, that should be checked as well.

3. Monitor Your Fluids 

To keep your automobile performing like the fine-tuned machine that it is, all of the fluids must be flush at all times. Your Mercedes mechanic in Denver can assist with monitoring the coolant, transmission, brake, and wiper fluid levels to be sure that they are at the right amounts. If you have been using the wipers a lot, you may wish to add wiper fluid before you set out again.

4. Check the Battery

Whether you are having fun on a daily outing or taking a road trip as your summer vacation, nothing spoils the fun faster than a dead battery. Mercedes repair shops in Denver can use a machine to check the voltage in your battery level. Replacing an old battery is much better than being stranded at an inopportune time.

5. Observe the Wiper Blades

Summer rainstorms can come on suddenly and with great force. If you happen to be on the highway when this happens, the best way to safely navigate through the outburst is by driving with wiper blades that are up to the job. Be sure that your blades are not bent or damaged, and if they are, replace them as soon as possible.

6. Clean and Treat Your Car

If you are taking a lot of road trips, your car may accumulate significant amounts of dirt and dust on the exterior. The best way to preserve it is by regular removal of anything that can damage the paint finish. Then, a light coat of sealant or wax further protects your vehicle’s exterior and helps keep it looking sharp for years to come. Do not neglect the interior of your car since the treatment of the interior leather surfaces also prolongs the look and life of the seats.

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