Top Christmas Gifts for Car Lovers

November 19, 2018

Top Christmas Gifts For Car Lovers

Gifts for Car Lovers

If you’re stuck shopping for the perfect gift for the car lover in your life, let us help. Premium BimmerTech and Dinan performance parts are available from our authorized import shop. If you’re shopping for a BMW owner, these performances parts are sure to be your best Christmas gift ideas yet.

Why Choose BimmerTech and Dinan?

When it comes to premium auto parts, there are a few names that stand up to BimmerTech and Dinan. These high-end brands have an entire line of parts dedicated to upgrading a BMW. If you own a premium car, it pays to buy premium parts. Choose from a full list of BMW parts for the ultimate Christmas gift for car lovers. You’ll find a balance of practical and luxury parts, including:

  • Suspension
  • Wheels
  • Exhaust systems
  • Cold air intake
  • Electronics
  • Travel and navigation accessories

If you aren’t sure which gift is the best for the holidays, take a look at these ten great options. For many of these gifts, you’ll have to know the specific BMW model your loved-one owns.

1. Dinan Free Flowing Exhaust System

A heavy duty Dinan exhaust system can instantly add power to a BMW. Take away the annoying drone and replace it with the thrilling sound that every BMW deserves. This system is a great way to increase both the sound and performance of a BMW.

2. BimmerTech Audio System

Whether blasting Christmas songs, classical music or a favorite pop station, A BimmerTech audio system is a great gift this holiday season. Crystal clear sound, innovative controls and surround sound make these systems the best on the market.

3. BimmerTech Park Assist System

Does the car enthusiast in your life struggle with parallel parking? This handy system will take the stress out of parking. Car lovers will never have to worry about backing into poles, curbs or other cars with this highly practical system.

4. Dinan Apparel

If your friend already has a tricked-out BMW, help them proudly advertise it. A shirt, jacket or hat with the signature Dinan logo are stylish accessories for any BMW owner. They’ll love the striking look, and you’ll love the affordable price.

5. Dinan Pedals

High-performance pedals are an easy way to upgrade a BMW interior and promote a smooth, comfortable drive. Durable and non-slip pedals are a great gift that is practical as well as stylish.

6. Dinan Suspension

Any import car enthusiast will enjoy a new suspension system. High-end springs can dramatically change the feel of a BMW. Whether going on a long drive down a bumpy road or a typical daily commute, these suspensions offer luxury and comfort. Consider suspensions that lower the front and rear of a car to give a more sleek and stylish look.

7. BimmerTech Navigation

Give the car lover in your life the gift of safer navigation with a BimmerTech navigation system. These BimmerTech systems are designed for easy installation in any BMW model. These navigation systems are simple to use, offer a large high definition screen, and can be a more accessible alternative to other GPS systems.

8. Dinan Rebuilt Turbos

For a tricked-out BMW experience, treat your loved one to a Dinan rebuilt turbo. This aftermarket add-on helps cut down on turbo lag by improving wastegates. It’s a technical part that is a popular replacement. With the right replacement turbos, a BMW will feel like new again.

9. BimmerTech Travel Accessories

Find the perfect gift for the traveling BMW owner. From headrests to protective covers, these accessories provide a car lover with extra comfort to travel in style. Whether they have a long commute or an upcoming road trip, your friend will thank you. There are different accessory kits available for specific models of BMW, so make sure to select the right accessory pack or seat cover for your friend’s car.

shutterstock_1139467469Find Christmas Gifts at Our Import Shop

Now that you’ve seen a wish list for all the import car lovers and BMW owners in your life, all you need to do is find a Dinan and BimmerTech authorized center. Lucky for you, Paddock Imports can get you hooked up with the right gear and parts. You’ll not only find a vast selection of parts and accessories, but you’ll also find friendly and knowledgeable technicians who can help you pick out the right gift for the best price. Our import auto shop is also a great place to bring an imported vehicle for service work. While you’re Christmas shopping, stop by with your Mercedes-Benz, BMW or Audi for a quick tune-up or lengthy repair.

Contact us or stop by our import shop today to finally get the best Christmas gift for your friends and family. Whether you’re shopping for friends, family or secretly shopping for yourself, come to Paddock Imports for all your Dinan and BimmerTech needs.