How To Store A Car Long Term

February 9, 2023

The Importance of Having Someone Check on Your Car while on Vacation

The Importance of Having Someone Check On Your Car While On Vacation

You probably need to hire a pet sitter any time you’re going to be gone for any amount of time; your car will be alright by itself for a little longer, but many people forget it still may need some attention. You’ll want to make sure someone takes care of your vehicle when the length of your trip gets past a certain point. Similar to the way you’d pick a pet sitter very carefully, it’s important not to leave your car with anyone you can’t trust.

What to Do With Your Car Before Leaving Town

It’s essential to make sure your car is well-maintained before you leave it for an extended period. If there are already problems starting to arise before you let your car sit for too long, there’s a higher chance that things will go wrong while you’re away. First and foremost, it’s essential to go through your vehicle and clean it out. If you leave trash or perishables in your car for a long time, they’ll make it smell horrible by the time you get back.

Even if the things in your vehicle can’t necessarily go wrong, it’s still good to go through a car wash and get a deep clean before you go away. That way, you can come home to a nice clean vehicle. Clear your valuables out of the car, too, and bring them into your home. This is especially important if you’re going to be leaving your car on the street or in a shared garage because it will reduce the risk of criminals breaking into your vehicle while you’re out of town. Finally, check your fluid levels before you leave town so they’ll still be at reasonable levels when you return.

Why Someone Should Check On Your Car

Depending on how long you’re going to be gone, you may just need someone to come by and check on your car visually. In other words, they should just come by and give it a look. It’s nice to ask a neighbor to do this because they’ll be close enough to hear if your car alarm starts going off. Of course, it’s more important to find someone who you can trust. 

If you don’t know any of your neighbors well enough to trust them with your vehicle, ask another friend instead. They should at least take a look at your vehicle to ensure your wheels and tires are still there and haven’t been stolen. It’s also helpful to have them inspect your car for any sign of damage. If they notice a dent or signs of a break-in, you’ll have some idea of when the incident occurred.

Another thing your friend or neighbor should look for is any signs that animals are getting too comfortable with your vehicle. If birds are dropping messes on top of your car, ask your friend to clean your car off before the paint gets damaged. Additionally, you may want to have them lift the hood or look under your car to investigate signs that animals may be nesting in your vehicle. Beyond the mess, nesting animals often chew up wiring or other components of your vehicle. 

Should Someone Drive My Car When I’m Away?

It’s not good for your vehicle to go too long without being used at all. Most car repair professionals agree that it’s best to drive a vehicle a few times every month, preferably at least once a week. Some people like to have someone come by and turn the car on for a few minutes, which is undoubtedly better than nothing. It’s even better to have someone take your car out for a drive, though.

If you’re going to ask someone to do this, it’s even more important than before to pick someone you trust completely. Just like you wouldn’t ask someone to look after your pet unless you know they’ll do a good job, you don’t want anyone unreliable taking your vehicle for a spin. Does your friend or neighbor have a clean driving record? Can you trust them to treat your car well and be safe with it on the road?

Getting a Car Ready for Vacation

Stop by Paddock Imports before you leave your car for an extended period. We’ll make sure all of your fluids are topped off and that everything else is in good condition. One of our car maintenance experts will help you identify what you need your friend to do when you’re away. Call (303) 825-5700 or visit us in Denver, CO!


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