What You Should Know About Mini Cooper Engines

May 6, 2022

close up shot of a mini cooper headlight

What You Should Know About MINI Cooper Engines

If you are on the prowl for your first car, you must have come across the Mini Cooper. This functional and fun-sized vehicle is suitable for an automobile lover. Extreme drifting, high speed, and an appealing look are some of the features of Mini Cooper. Whether you’re planning to buy it or you already have one, it’s vital to have good knowledge about it. Read more about Mini Cooper and mini cooper engine replacement costs. 

What Is the Engine Type in a Mini Cooper?

Different Mini Cooper vehicles have different types of engines, so you must consider the model and year of manufacturing. If you’re unsure which engine your vehicle has, you can look for the VIN number. The two most common types of Mini Cooper models include the S models and the 2021 MINI. The S models feature a 2-liter four-cylinder engine that generates 189 horsepower. Similarly, the 2021 MINI comes with a 1.5-liter three-cylinder engine. It generates around 134 horsepower. 

Who Makes Mini Cooper Engines?

A renowned German brand, BMW owns the Mini Cooper. The brand manufactures the petrol Mini Cooper Engines at Hams Hall Plant in the UK. But, the brand manufactures diesel Mini Cooper Engines at Plant Steyr in Austria. 

Are Our Mini Cooper Engines Reliable?

Just like other vehicles, Mini Cooper Engines come with their liabilities. Models between 2006 and 2012 come with low-reliability scores, while the MINI models between 2007 and 2014 failed because of carbon blocking the oil. The problem occurs due to oil starvation. The modern Mini Cooper comes with high-reliability scores, and thus, they are reliable. 

What Does the MINI Cooper’s Engine Light Mean?

The Engine Light indicates a specific problem in the OBD system. The severity of the issues ranges from mild to moderate and, at times, severe. A few common causes that lead to Mini Cooper engine light include:

  • Loose or broken hoses 
  • Dirty fuel injector 
  • Spark plug misfiring 
  • Ignition coil fault 
  • Loose gas cap 
  • Malfunctioning of emission control system 
  • Airflow sensor fault 
  • And much more

Bring your coop to a qualified technician if you see a red or yellow light. 

How Much Does the Replacement Engine of a Mini Cooper Cost?

The Mini Cooper engine replacement cost will vary from one model to another. Factors include engine type, model year, and your living area. It would be ideal if you talked to an automotive expert. They will help you to know the mini cooper engine replacement cost. 

The Most Common Signs of Mini Cooper S Engine Problems

Below listed are the most common signs of mini cooper engine problems. 

  • Strange sound from the Mini Cooper Engine 
  • Grinding, thumping, hissing
  • Timing chain issues like engine rattle 
  • Shaking or vibrating car due to the failed engine mount 
  • Excessive smoke, foul odors, and oil puddles 

If you see these signs, visit a qualified repair expert right away. 

How Many Miles Will a Mini Cooper Engine Last?

The Mini Cooper engine will last about 100,000 miles if you maintain it well. However, the engine will last much longer than without any unwanted signs. A maintained Mini Cooper engine would last for about 200,000 and 250,000 miles. 

Mini Cooper Engine Repair & Maintenance in Denver

When it comes to repairing your Mini Cooper in Denver, trust Paddock Imports. We are engine experts in Denver looking to improve the functioning of your Mini Cooper. The experts will ensure that you get the most out of your mini investment. What’s more, you will find an affordable mini cooper engine replacement cost too. No matter what your Mini Cooper needs, don’t hesitate to contact us today


Image Source: Timur Gumerov / Shutterstock