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While there are plenty of aftermarket parts out there for various makes and models, both regarding straight replacements and upgrades, there aren’t a lot of options available when it comes to installing those parts. Dealerships don’t install aftermarket components, even if they’re replacement parts.

Car owners with some tools, space and the right manuals can theoretically do their work, but that degree of do-it-yourself accessibility is becoming increasingly rare. Garages like Paddock Imports are the best option when it comes to putting replacement parts into your import vehicle in a way that helps get the most out of them.

The Replacements

It’s a fact of car ownership that parts wear out. Whether the filters slowly become saturated with particulates or disc brake calipers wearing thin, certain parts are inherently going to require replacement. And that’s just normal wear and tear.

There’s also the matter of catastrophic failures and unexpected accidents, those little incidents that happen when nobody could have expected them. If a part’s worn or broken, either slow or fast, having somebody with the right sort of training and tools to replace them is certainly the best thing that can be done for a car, whether it’s a BMW or a Mercedes, an Audi or a Mini Cooper.

The Upgrades

When the stock equipment on an import just doesn’t quite satisfy, car owners will start looking at aftermarket upgrades and performance auto parts that replace existing components. But putting in those components isn’t always a case of swapping out the parts, tightening with a wrench, and calling it good.

With the increase in computer management within individual systems, replacing stock parts with performance upgrades can also require some work convincing the onboard computers that the parts are good and that they should work together. The technicians at Paddock Imports know about getting performance equipment installed and working in sync with existing systems.

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For those shade-tree mechanics who’ve learned the ins and outs of their import vehicles to the point where they can do the work themselves, we salute you. But for those who don’t have that degree of skill or the equipment necessary, we strongly recommend bringing your car down to Paddock Imports in Denver, CO for both your maintenance and upgrade needs.  Contact us online or call (303) 825-5700 today to schedule an appointment.

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