A Complete Guide to BMW Maintenance and Care

November 26, 2023

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Luxury vehicles require luxury care. When you’re on the go, you want to know your BMW will get you wherever the road turns. Taking care of BMW maintenance is essential to making this happen. The following is some important maintenance information you should be aware of.

When You Should Service Your BMW

If you keep up on regular maintenance, you’ll know when to get your BMW serviced. With frequent inspections, the professionals will catch small issues before they become bigger problems. Newer model BMWs have something called a Service Interval Indicator. The SII keeps track of mileage and service dates to inform you when maintenance and service are required.
These newer vehicles also have a Condition Based Servicing system, which informs owners when certain car parts are worn down or damaged and need replacement. Your tire pressure, brake fluid and engine oil are monitored by the CBS as well.
Of course, older model BMWs don’t have systems in place to inform you it’s time for service, and newer models could malfunction. This is why regular maintenance is essential to learning when your BMW needs to be brought in for service.

Your Regular Maintenance Schedule

What is regular maintenance? How often should you bring your car in for an inspection by the professionals? Different components require different schedules, but the following are some general times to have your BMW scheduled for maintenance.

  • Pre-Summer – Summer often brings with it a lot of travel. A quick, professional vehicle check can ensure your BMW is ready for all those miles.
  • Pre-Holiday – Make sure you’re not stuck at home with a broken-down car while everyone else is at a big holiday party. A pre-holiday vehicle check can help to ensure you experience every holiday celebration.
  • Post-Season – If there’s a season in which you do more driving than another, bring the car in for a maintenance inspection after you’ve made all your trips.
  • Safety – Speak with your BMW repair shop to determine how often you should have your car in for a safety check.

Five BMW Maintenance Components You Should Never Miss

When you’re checking things off your BMW maintenance list, the following five components should never be missed.

  • The Engine – Your engine truly keeps your BMW running, so it’s essential you keep it maintained. Take it into the professionals a couple of times a year so they can check for even the smallest issues that could possibly end up becoming larger problems.
  • The Steering System – Professionals recommend a power steering fluid flush every 50,000 miles. This keeps the contamination out and your steering system running smoothly.
  • The Brakes – There are many parts that make your brakes work correctly. Your brake system should be flushed about every two years, and your entire brake system should be inspected regularly.
  • The Oil – Your luxury vehicle should have an oil change every 5,000-7,500 miles to keep everything lubricated as it should be. When your oil gets changed, be sure the oil filters are changed as well.
  • The Tires – Your tire pressure should be maintained quite regularly. Try to check at least once or twice every month. You should also have your tires regularly rotated by the professionals.

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Paying attention to your BMW and how it runs is a great way to ensure it stays in the best shape possible. Your luxury car should also be reliable, and it can be when you keep up on regular maintenance. To learn more about what you should check, as well as how often, contact Paddock Imports. Call 303-825-5700 to get on the schedule for your BMW maintenance check today.

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