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Denver Volvo owners know that their vehicles are among the safest and most reliable available on the market. Keeping your Volvo running for as long as possible is easy as long as you invest in routine servicing and repairs. Regular maintenance keeps your Volvo running well and saves you money on emergency repairs later down the road. It is also essential to take your vehicle to the best import car repair in Denver at the first sign of distress or damage.


Certified Volvo Servicing in Denver

Never trust your Volvo to just any repair and servicing center. Instead, take it to a certified servicing center in Denver, like Paddock Imports, where we have experts on hand who know how to maintain and repair import cars. Inexperienced technicians may overlook small problems that could become major ones in the future. Our experts, who have years of experience working with import vehicles, know precisely what to look for when servicing your car.


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Available Services

While Volvos are among the most reliable cars on the road, there are still minor things that can go wrong or that need to be routinely maintained. Our local certified repair center can help you with any of the following servicing or repair needs:

Minor to major engine repair, replacement, and servicing

Comprehensive diagnostic services and troubleshooting techniques

Balancing, alignment, and tire repair

Heat and air-conditioning servicing, including coolant refilling

Muffler, converter, and exhaust issues

Electrical issues, including batteries, alternators, ignitions, and lights

Choosing the Best Import Car Repair in Denver

Selecting the best Volvo repair in Denver is the best way to guarantee that your import car is looked after properly. You need to know that the location you bring your vehicle to can take care of all of the services above, while also offering emergency diagnostics should anything go wrong while you are on the road.

Make sure you visit Paddock Imports for regular maintenance at least once every six months. Always schedule an appointment with a technician if you find that your Volvo is driving differently or if you notice new sounds or smells. Our goal is to fix the issue and get you and your car back on the road.

When it comes to caring for your vehicle, Denver Volvo owners know that routine servicing and prompt repairs are crucial to longevity. Visiting Paddock Imports, your local Denver-based certified Volvo servicing center is the best way to guarantee your car is well looked after.

Our professionals have the experience, the tools, and the passion needed to keep your vehicle in excellent condition. Contact us online or call (303) 825-5700 today to schedule an appointment.

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Engine Repair

Minor to major engine repair, rebuild or replacement, ensuring the heart of your vehicle runs great

Diagnostic Service

Diagnosing car troubles, from faults to the root cause, with the finest tools by the finest technicians

Wheel & Tire

Balancing, aligning and repairing your tires, we provide tire storage for winter and summer seasons

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Air Conditioner

Repairing vacuum leaks, failed condensers, or refilling Freon, we service your AC to keep you cool

BMW performance parts installation Denver

From mufflers to catalytic converters to exhaust pipes, our technicians will keep your vehicle quiet

BMW performance parts installation Denver
Auto Electrical

Servicing dead batteries, faulty alternators, troublesome ignition systems, and lights – we service it all